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Dr. Ayman Agbaria - University of Haifa

01.05. - 31.05.2016

Statement :

 “ I am pleased to be at the "Institute for Islamic Studies" in Vienna, which is rightly considered a leading world class institution in the filed of Islamic studies and Islamic education.  My research focuses on the interfaces between Islam, citizenship, politics, civil society, and education. Specifically, i am interested in studying Islamic education and citizenship education in minority education contexts, including the Palestinian minority in Israel. My studies examined various forms of exclusion and marginalization in education, the Israeli education policies and politics vis-a-vis the Palestinian minority in Israel, the counter hegemonic knowledge produced via Palestinian civil society organizations in education,  and ways to reform confessional Islamic education in multicultural societies. I look forward to meeting and cooperating with the institution’s staff to learn more about their research projects. " 


Short biography :

Dr. Ayman Agbaria is a scholar and human-rights activist. He is currently a senior lecturer in education policy and politics at the University of Haifa, and  faculty member for eh Mandel Leadership Institute. Dr. Agbaria is also a a visiting scholar at the Centre for Research and Evaluation in Muslim Education, UCL Institute of Education. He holds a dual doctoral degree in educational theory and policy, and in international and comparative education from Pennsylvania State University. In addition, he completed his post-doctoral studies at Cambridge University. Additionally,  he is a widely anthologised  poet and playwright.

Recent books include: Agbaria, A. (2015) Cloth Clips (poetry), Haifa: Raya; Alexander, H., & Agbaria, A. (Eds.). (2012) Character and citizenship: Religious schooling in liberal democracies, New York: Routledge Press; Agbaria, A. (Ed.). (2013) Teacher Education in the Palestinian Society in Israel: Institutional Practices and Educational Policy, Tel Aviv: Resling. (Hebrew).

Recent articles include: Agbaria, A. K., Mustafa, M., & Jabareen, Y. T. (2015). ‘In your face’democracy: education for belonging and its challenges in Israel. British Educational Research Journal41(1), 143-175; Pinson, H., & Agbaria, A. K. (2015). Neo-Liberalism and Practices of Selection in Arab Education in Israel: Between Control and Empowerment. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education9(1), 54-80.; Agbaria, A. K., & Mustafa, M. (2014). The case of Palestinian civil society in Israel: Islam, civil society, and educational activism. Critical Studies in Education55(1), 44-57.


Guest Lecture - Dr. Ayman AGBARIA

Islamic Jurisprudence of Minorities: Is It Good for All? The Case of the Palestinian Muslim Minority in Israel

Im Rahmen der Reihe Interkulturelles Philosophieren: Theorie und Praxis - Philosophie in der arabisch-islamischen Welt

Hörsaal des Institut für Orientalistik, Uni-Campus, Hof 4
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